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Process   |   Big Firm Resources - Boutique Approach

Successful hiring outcomes are the result of a well-managed and focused recruitment process that starts with a clear understanding of client objectives and culture.  We dedicate a skilled and experienced team of consultants to execute each search and ensure a positive experience for candidates and stakeholders.


We invest up front to learn about the organization’s history, people, culture, business strategy, operating model and surrounding community.  The scope of the position, goals, key relationships, and expectations are explored in depth to create a target candidate profile. This phase includes:

  • Site Visit

  • Interviews with Key Stakeholders

  • Activate Project Team

  • Develop Position Profile

  • Establish Timeline and Communication

  • Search Strategy

Evaluate and Select

We support clients and candidates through interview stages and provide critical information and feedback.  Our goal is to facilitate a successful hiring outcome for our client organization, and positive experience for all candidates. This phase includes:

  • Coordinate Candidate Interviews

  • Behavioral Assessment

  • Final Selection

  • Facilitate Employment Offer



Our search team utilizes robust market intelligence and advanced research tools to identify and engage candidates who are frequently employed.  We strive to develop a qualified candidate pipeline that is diverse and inclusive. Detailed candidate assessments are presented to the client. This phase includes:

  • Targeted Candidate Research

  • Proactive Recruitment

  • Develop Candidate Pipeline

  • Coordinate Candidate Interviews

  • Candidate Assessment

  • Present Candidates

On Board

Our commitment to clients and newly-hired executives continues as they transition into their new role and organization.  We maintain frequent communication to address unforeseen circumstances and to ensure successful assimilation. This phase includes:

  • Career Transition Support For Relocating Spouse/Partner

  • Community Introduction

  • Communication Touchpoints

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